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1.0 Scope and Purpose

The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) works as an umbrella organization for provincial and territorial Construction Safety Associations with a shared interest in: promoting awareness of construction health and safety; improving information sharing, and; collaboratively producing workplace health and safety training standards/information resources. To this end, the CFCSA will work with member organizations to develop joint strategies to move forward with these initiatives.

The CFCSA will work to:

  • Advance new initiatives that will enhance the quality and effectiveness of the Certificate of Recognition program
  • Recognize the Certificate of Recognition issued by each of the issuing Provinces that meet the CFCSA standard for the Certificate of Recognition program
  • Facilitate open discussion that balances the common interests of all the groups
  • Recognize the unique provincial needs of individual provincial Construction Safety Associations
  • Promote awareness of construction workplace health and safety management practices
  • Avoid duplication of effort among participating organizations
  • Share products among participating organizations to allow customization by provincial associations
  • Promote employer and worker awareness of successful workplace health and safety programs
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2.0 Committee Membership

Membership will include core and auxiliary members. Core membership on the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations will be made up of representatives of the Provincial (and Territorial) Safety Associations across Canada. The host province of each annual meeting will chair the CFCSA meeting unless they are not able to fulfill that function upon which an attending member will be chosen to chair the meeting. Membership is at the discretion of the CFCSA core members.

Core Members:

  • Alberta Construction Safety Association
  • ASP Construction Association sectorielle paritaire
  • BC Construction Safety Alliance
  • Construction Safety Association of Manitoba
  • Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan
  • Infrastructure Heath & Safety Association
  • Manitoba Heavy Construction Association
  • New Brunswick Construction Safety Association
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Construction
    Safety Association
  • Northern Construction Safety Association
  • Northern Safety Network Yukon
  • Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association

Associate Organizations:
Associate organizations may be guests or affiliates of the core members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations. Current Associate Organization status has been extended to:

  • Canadian Construction Association
  • Construction Sector Council

Associate Organizations or Guests may be invited to attend for appropriate presentations to speak to specific items on the agenda.

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3.0 Ongoing Responsibilities

  • Periodically review the availability of construction safety information products in Canada to identify gaps and implement an action plan to address them through the Federation
  • Encourage information sharing among safety associations
  • Influence the development of construction safety products/training in Canada
  • Establish a framework for organizations to share resources and experience in the development of WHS information products
  • Identify opportunities to share best practices and auditing standards, etc.
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4.0 Operating Guidelines

  • Organizations participate in the understanding that they will be willing to share products as far as reasonably practicable for adoption or customization by others
  • Not all organizations have the same access to resources and so there is no expectation that all contribute equally
  • The CFCSA is not the exclusive guardian of construction safety information. Individual organizations are encouraged to develop and distribute construction safety information/products to meet their needs either through partnerships with others or by themselves.
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5.0 Frequency of Meetings

Meetings shall occur at least yearly with additional meetings, including that of a "technical sub-committee," as determined by the CFCSA core members.

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6.0 Decision Making Process

Decisions of the CFCSA are reached by consensus of the core membership for actions that may impact other participants. However, specific tasks or actions that do not affect all participants do not require approval of the CFCSA as a whole – only of those impacted.

  • A quorum for a Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations shall be sixty percent of the core membership
  • Items that are to be placed on the Agenda must be submitted to the Chair no later than one month prior to the annual CFCSA meeting
  • The Finalized Agenda will be circulated to core members one week prior to the meeting
  • Consensus must be reached before changes to standards can be adopted. Consensus will be defined as "a general agreement among a group of people that occurs when all of the group can support a decision without compromising important needs or values."
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