The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations

Certificate of Recognition program

The COR® Program


During the annual meeting of the CFCSA in 1999, members agreed in principle to a number of common audit elements required for a construction firm to achieve or maintain an acceptable level of health and safety performance (COR®). Included in the agreement was the minimum national standards for the COR® audit program and the training requirements necessary to meet the Construction Safety Officer (CSO®) designation. The next meeting in 2000, formalized the agreement.

At the 2004 CFCSA annual general meeting (AGM), a national technical committee was established to begin harmonizing of the audit instrument.

At the 2005 CFCSA AGM a new national audit instrument was developed to achieve COR® certification, which included 13 common elements with an additional 14th element to allow for provincial/territorial differences/regulatory requirements. In September 2005 an application for Trademark of COR® and SECOR™ were submitted on behalf of the CFCSA membership by the Alberta Construction Safety Association to the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. COR® received formal Registered (®) approved status from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office on February 2, 2007. COR® remains a registered trademark of CFCSA member associations.

At the June 2010 CFCSA AGM, all members signed a COR® Memorandum of Understanding solidifying the original 2000 agreement.

At the June 2020 CFCSA AGM, the national technical committee was struck to review and update the COR® Memorandum of Understanding along with the National COR® Accreditation Standard.

At the 2021 CFCSA AGM, all members signed the revised COR® Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) and approved the revisions made to the National COR® Accreditation Standard (PDF). During this meeting the majority of members agreed to collaborate in the creation of a harmonized audit instrument template.

In June 2022, the updated and harmonized national audit instrument (PDF) was endorsed for CFCSA members to utilize to verify achievement of the national COR® accreditation standard.