The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations

Certificate of Recognition program

The CORTM Program


During the annual meeting of the CFCSA in 1999, members agreed in principle to a number of common audit elements required for a construction firm to achieve or maintain an acceptable level of health and safety performance (CORTM). Included in the agreement between members was the minimum national standards for the CORTM audit program and the training requirements necessary to meet the Construction Safety Officer (CSOTM) designation. The next meeting in 2000, formalized the agreement.

At the 2004 CFCSA annual meeting, a 'technical committee' was established to begin harmonizing of the actual audit instrument.

In June 2005, the meeting unveiled a new National Audit Instrument to achieve CORTM (13 common elements with one provincial supplement for those jurisdictions wishing to include).

At the June 2010 CFCSA Annual Meeting, all members signed a CORTM Memorandum of Understanding solidifying the original 2000 agreement.