The Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations

Decision Making Process

Decisions of the CFCSA are reached by consensus of the core membership for actions that may impact other participants. However, specific tasks or actions that do not affect all participants do not require approval of the CFCSA as a whole – only of those impacted. 

  • A quorum for a Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations shall be sixty percent of the core membership.
  • Items that are to be placed on the Agenda must be submitted to the Chair no later than one month prior to the annual CFCSA meeting.
  • The Finalized Agenda will be circulated to core members one week prior to the meeting.
  • Consensus must be reached before changes to standards can be adopted. Consensus will be defined as "a general agreement among a group of people that occurs when all of the group can support a decision without compromising important needs or values."